do you have to gravel vacuum a planted tank?

gravel vacuum a planted tank

The material in the bottom of an aquarium is called gravel. Aquarium gravel cleaning helps plants grow better. Clean gravel keeps aquarium plants healthy.

Clean gravel inside the aquarium helps the fish play. Which leads to the good breeding of these fish. Fish can easily eat food hidden in the clean gravel of the aquarium. It strengthens the aquarium’s clean gravel fish diet.  Keeping fish tank gravel clean is an important process in aquarium care.

do you have to gravel vacuum a planted tank?

Aquarium gravel needs to be cleaned. Because the aquarium’s clean gravel collects fish poop and other debris. Which also keeps the water dirty.

Cleaning the gravel in the aquarium gives good growth to the plants. And in clean gravel, aquarium plants grow very quickly. However, keeping the gravel in the aquarium clean is important for the optimal growth of aquarium plants.

An important question is, do you have to gravel vacuum a planted tank? The best answer will be given to you in this article.

How do you clean gravel in a planted aquarium?

Aquarium gravel can be cleaned using a vacuum. Aquarium gravel should be vacuumed at least twice a month. Aquarium gravel is easily cleaned by vacuum.

To completely clean the gravel, all the water has to be taken out from inside the aquarium. And the gravel has to be cleaned thoroughly by removing the gravel. Cleaning the dirt on the gravel will be beneficial for the aquarium.

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Do you have to vacuum gravel in a planted aquarium?

A vacuum is used to clean the aquarium gravel. The vacuum removes dirt from aquarium gravel. Vacuuming the aquarium is a very important process. Vacuum cleans the crop in water and gravel best.

If the gravel in your aquarium is dirty. So you will need to vacuum the gravel. But as the gravel in your aquarium gets dirtier. So this gravel will not be cleaned properly by vacuum. Because a vacuum can’t clean very dirty gravel properly.

how to clean aquarium gravel with bleach?

Bleach can be used to clean aquarium gravel. Bleach kills bacteria in water and gravel. Aquariums are one of the best materials used for cleaning gravel.

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How often should aquarium gravel be cleaned?

To clean aquarium gravel, both aquarium water and gravel must be removed. Put the gravel in any plastic tub. Add a small amount of bleach to the water and let the gravel stay in the water for a while. After a while, clean the gravel thoroughly. The dirt will come down from the gravel you see. This process keeps the fish in the aquarium healthy. 

If your aquarium has a good and healthy system for fish. So you can raise fish for a few months without clearing the gravel. But one thing must be kept in mind. It would be good to clean the aquarium gravel after at least three months. Otherwise, your aquarium can have a bad effect on the health of the fish.

In general, gravel cleaning in the aquarium is also done quickly. Let’s look at two important reasons for this.

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Number of fish in the aquarium:

Increasing the number of fish beyond the size of your aquarium. Contamination of aquarium water and gravel. And the risk of fish dying in this dirty water increases. To avoid this, it is necessary to clean the aquarium gravel quickly.

Aquarium top cover:

If you do not have a lid on your aquarium. So your aquarium will get dirty quickly. And the water in the aquarium will get dirty quickly. Even then, it is necessary to clean the aquarium gravel in a few days.

what happens if you don’t wash fish gravel:

If you do not wash the fish gravel. What are the effects of this on your aquarium? Here’s what you need to know.

Dirty gravel damages fish farming:

If you don’t wash the fish gravel, you will allow toxic waste and dirt to build up inside the aquarium gravel. And the pope of the fish and all the remnants of their food will be gathered in the gravel. This causes the fish in the aquarium to die. And this dirty gravel affects fish farming.

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Water contamination by dirty gravel:

If the fish gravel in the aquarium is not clean, the water becomes polluted due to the growth of bacteria in the gravel. Which is bad for your aquarium fish.

Damage to plants by dirty gravel:

In a fish aquarium if you do not clean the gravel. So this dirty gravel will be harmful to aquarium plants. Dirty gravel will kill aquarium plants. And it will upset the balance of the plant ecosystem.

will unwashed gravel kill my fish:

It is harmful to use aquarium gravel without washing it. Because dirty gravel dust contaminates aquarium water. And the water gets polluted. Which can kill aquarium fish.


To keep aquarium fish alive, gravel must be washed and used. Keeping aquarium water clean is an important step. Washing and using gravel improves the ecosystem of fish.

how to get rid of gravel dust in aquarium?

get rid of gravel dust in aquarium

To get rid of gravel dust in the aquarium, it is necessary to clean the gravel. There are two ways to avoid gravel dust.

Cleaning the gravel outside the aquarium:

This way you can take out the aquarium gravel and put it in a bucket. And fill this gravel with tap water. Cover the gravel with full water. Shake the gravel to shake off the gravel dust. And keep the gravel in the bucket for a while. So that any kind of dust and dirt in the gravel can be softened.

Cleaning the gravel inside the aquarium:

Gravel can also be cleaned inside the aquarium. If you didn’t know that. That the gravel has to be cleaned beforehand. So no need to worry. Gravel dust can also be cleaned inside the aquarium. You must use a vacuum. This vacuum will perfectly clean the gravel dust of your aquarium.

How long does it take for gravel dust to settle in an aquarium?

Gravel plays a very important role in aquariums. Inside the aquarium, dust accumulates in the gravel. Gravel in the aquarium takes more than a month to solidify. Gravel dust is a great addition to your aquarium.


The decision to clean the gravel for the aquarium is correct but some research is needed before cleaning the gravel. Now the question is, do you have to gravel vacuum a planted tank?  There is no need to spend a lot of time cleaning the gravel. Because the gravel will stay in the water longer. Gravel does not contaminate itself so quickly but it does contaminate aquarium water. But it would be better to do this if the gravel is also cleaned with water.